DIY: The Perfect Shampoo

I've been cooking everyday since we returned from London.  I even wake up early and cook lunch before we leave for work.  I missed being in the kitchen so much while we were away.

This weekend, I got especially enthusiastic about home-made body care products. Part of my motivation is from a commitment I made to myself that once we were state side, I would attempt to reduce our plastic use by 90%, before the end of the year.  I looked around our house and assessed what we were still buying in plastic and what we could possibly change.  We'd already switched over to glass milk bottles that we return after using and we bring our own containers for grains, nuts, flour, laundry and dish detergent.  The farmer's market doesn't package anything in plastic either.  The biggest culprit was body care.  So, I got to work and made several recipes and purchased all of the ingredients, which I could find in bulk and use our own containers or buy in glass jars.

Last night I made the perfect shampoo (for hair and body), the perfect conditioner (also for hair and body), the yummiest body moisturizer (trust me on this one), sweet almond lip gloss, gentle eye make-up remover, and an amazing face moisturizer that is good enough to eat.

I'll be posting these recipes throughout the week.  Here's the recipe for the perfect shampoo.  


1 C liquid castile soap (I used Dr. Brommer's unscented Pure-castile soap because it comes in bulk at our co-op)
1/4 C olive oil
1/8 C honey


Mix all ingredients together and pour into a beautiful glass bottle!  Enjoy.